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C. Baxter Kruger, C.S.Lewis and the Shack revisted

A good friend in Australia sent me a gift by email that has enriched our last weekend for a while in New Zealand immeasurably.   We are off on a jaunt shortly that will take us to numerous places and connections with many great friends in the Fatherheart Family around the world.  You can see where we are in our comings and goings on the side of this blog if you are interested.  Anyway back to the gift. It is a yet to be published, latest offering, from C Baxter Kruger.  If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I am more than a little impressed with this writer.  He is a theologian....stay with me it's worth it....his writings make my heart sing and shout for joy. They are the best. So now he is writing again and this time he is exploring William P Young's theology in his world best seller "The Shack". Those of you who loved The Shack will stay with me, I'll come to it on a moment, but I know there are those who have had their reservations a