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Bed number 34 and still enjoying it.

We are at the end of another memorable visit to the US. We packed for wintery - spring like weather especially as we were going to be in Pennsylvania in March and Minnesota in April, but in the end we have not had one day below 70F (that's about 21c). We have dragged a load of cold weather clothes with us and not needed them.  It's been wonderful! We have seen Father pour his loving heart out all over the place and it has been fabulous to behold.  All sorts of surprises along the way too. We are continually asked how we cope with the traveling and the continual change of place, pace and beds, we were in number 34 last night since January.  Sometimes we are asked in such a way and in a tone of voice that suggests that the expectation is for us to respond with a sigh and a sagging of the shoulders that implies "We are suffering for the Lord"!  My response is always, "We love it! We are having the time of our lives!" In the past I have had the belief that s

T G I Friday indeed!

We have stopped en route from Minneapolis to Florida at Atlanta Int Airport. This airport is absolutely huge! We have a three hour lay over and it is time for something to eat. As we sit and watch the world go by we are being entertained by a really good small jazz quartet. It is all very civilized and makes for a restful wait. There are lots of places to choose from and we settle on T G I Friday's. As good as anywhere. The food is great and we are just about to leave when the irony of it all strikes me. Today is Good Friday. This is the day when the beloved Son of God bought us back with the price of his life and brought us home to the Father who never stopped loving us and waiting for us. Thank God it's Friday indeed.