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Last year I had the privilege to meet Paul Young, the author of 'The Shack'.  I particularly enjoyed hearing how he came to write the book and to learn that other books were in the pipeline.  'Crossroads', which came out a while ago, was the first of these. The hint he gave me last year was that there were more planned too.  So it was with some degree of anticipation that I bought a copy of the new book and began reading it. I wondered if it would come up to the level that The Shack did.  Well, I've finished it now. I enjoyed it and should have remembered not to have read it on a plane because here and their it made my eyes leak a little.  Thankfully not as much as reading his first book. I think the flight crew thought I was having a complete emotional breakdown when I read The Shack on a flight from New Zealand. This book was good in many ways.  In places it reached almost the same level of inspiration and dare I say revelation, as his first book, but those plac