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HOT NEWS!! KINDLE My book ' Falling from grace into Grace and being caught by the Fathe r'  is now available on Kindle from and   The original printed version is still available but the Kindle version is updated and  corrected  as an uncorrected version got sent to printers by mistake!  I'm learning.  If anyone  fancies writing a review that would be good! DUTCH TRANSLATION I'm excited to announce that a Dutch translation has been done and we are looking to see it printed and available in late March.  I'll keep you posted. MY NEW BOOK I'm really excited to say that my latest book,  ' Jesus and his Father, by his family and friend s' is in the final stages of production.  We are hoping that this will also be available in the Spring (N. Hemisphere spring that is.) The book looks at how Jesus reveals his Father through his conversations and encounters with his family and friends.  It 'hears' the stories of Ma