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Today is the last day of our summer holiday.  We have been in Queensland, Australia with our daughter and her family for ten days.   We will sadly miss the Australia Day anniversary next Monday which celebrates this country and its culture.  If we lived here I guess we would call it Straya Day and celebrate with a few snags thrown on the barbie on the beach in the arvo! This morning we stopped by our daughter's place of work at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  How can anyone seriously think about studying and working at a uni with such a beautiful sounding name? While there we saw a group of students relaxing before going to their classes.  These iconic Australian creatures were everywhere in the campus grounds. The collective noun for a group of kangaroos is a mob, but this sounds more like a group of British soccer supporters to me.  Interestingly, the nick name for the national football team of Australia is the "Socceroos" so maybe mob is a good group name fo