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The Big Picture Finding the Father in the Bible.

Here is what has kept us busy in this Covid season.... I'm delighted to launch my latest book....   The Big Picture   Finding the Father in the Bible . The Big Picture takes a look at the great story of God in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It charts how God is eternally Father since before creation and how he reveals himself as Father through all scripture. It draws together all the various parts of this glorious biblical truth, like pieces of a jigsaw, that come together into one vast glorious narrative of the love of the Father for his lost children. It focuses on The Father’s love and the sending of his Son Jesus who brings us home. It explores how this truth is inspired by the Holy Spirit in the pages of the Bible.   Stephen Hill in his foreword says of “ The Big Picture ”, “ I believe that this book is an important part of what Paul the apostle called “The whole counsel of God.” It is a resource for now and for the future and many treasures are conta