July 8th. Day Conference, Riethoven, The Netherlands.

Contact:  Jos and Nicollete. nicolettedenooijer@live.nl


July 14th - 15th The Big Picture Seminar, Leeuwarden,The Netherlands.

Contact: Andre Fonteijn.  andre.fonteijn@gmail.com


July 22nd. Day Conference, Bognse, Funen, Denmark.

Contact: Eric and Liv Hansen. erhan_new@hotmail.com

July 24th - 29th.  Family Camp. Hals, Aalborg, Denmark.

Contact: Donald Pihl.  donaldkofodpihl@gmail.com


August 19th.  Brunch with Sue. Fingest, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Contact: Sue Dawkesdawkessue@gmail.com


September 23rd - 29th. Father Heart Encounter -Growing in Sonship

Cloverley Hall, Shropshire. UK. Hosted by Father Heart UK

Contact: Mark Gyde.  https://www.fatherheart.uk/retreat.html


October 8th - 13th. Father Heart Encounter "Knowing God as Father".

Hosted by Vaterherzwochen Deutschland, Flambacher Muhler, Germany.

Contact: Julia von Tottleben  vaterherzwochen.deutschland@gmail.com


October 21st.  Father Heart Day Conference, Winchester Vineyard, Winchester. UK

Hosted by Winchester Vineyard.

Contact: Edward Law. edward.law@me.com


November - December

Various Conferences in Australia - Canberra and Whittlesea, Vic.

Contacts: Victoria - Marg Auty.  fatherheartmelbourne@gmail.com  

Canberra - Eric van Ierschot. ierschot@ozemail.com.au    

Full details, times and venues to be confirmed.



March 24th - 28th. Father Heart Encounter week. Cloverely Hall, Shropshire, UK

Contact: Trevor Galpin tlgminus@gmail.com

March 29th - April 1st. Father Heart Family Easter Retreat. Cloverley Hall, Shropshire, UK.

 Contact: Trevor Galpin  tlgminsus@gmail.com


April 25th - 28th. Father Heart Family Retreat. Helvoirt, NL.

Contact: Jan Tissink  myhomecoming.nl@gmail.com


May 25th - 31st. Father Heart Week, Growing in Sonship. Lausanne, Switzerland

Contact: Monique Roggo. monique.roggo@gmail.com


September 1st - 7th. Father Heart Week. Flambacher Mühle, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany.

Hosted by Vaterherzwochen Deutschland,

Contact:  Julia von Tottleben. vaterherzwochen.deutschland@gmail.com