The Joys of being upgraded

I don't know why I was surprised when we got up-graded but it was twice in one day. We pitched up at Changi Airport in Singapore to catch our 8 hours flight to Brisbane and lo and behold we were upgraded to business class. Thank you Father, what it is to have an influential Father who likes to surprise his children! We got access to the business class lounge with amazing food to keep us going as well where the staff just were so keen to help and serve us. We got on the plane and tried not to look like a couple of kids trying out all the buttons and gadgets like the massage buttons on the seat. I could get used to this.

Then we arrived at Brisbane and go to collect the cheapest car on the rental stand and lo and behold we were up graded to a very classy Holden Cruse with leather seats etc etc. How cool is that.

I suppose we should be learning through this that our Father delights in us being delighted by these little treats. At the end of a long and very fulfilling 3 month trip away from New Zealand this is a welcome reminder of his love and care for us.

Today we have been just enjoying seeing the grandchildren delight in the gifts and treats we had for them. That's probably how He was yesterday when we were so tickled by out treats.


  1. wow that is great!!
    welcome home and enjoy everything everyday again!!
    love hugs Ellemieke and Edwin

  2. Yesss, I can imagine that being tickled :-D

    I'm one of the happiest parents in the whole world, because our kids love it to get tugged in their beds every evening. And they aren't little any more ... they're 14 and almost 16! What a joy (even in their pubity's :D )

    Lieke (& Pieter & kids: Eefje and Urbaan)


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