The Malaysians have a particular like of abbreviation in the names of places. Today we are in KL going to JB via PJ and so on. It works fine mostly but why some and not others? Doesn't matter really. It makes you sound like a know all if you say "Oh we spent the week in KL and are going to JB for the weekend." Anyway we have spent a week in Kuala Lumpur which has been fun. We have met and made friends with a number of the locals, Nick Wu and Martin Duke, both pastors of local churches in PJ (Handy to be able to abbreviate this one because I am not sure how you spell the P bit, I think it is Petaling Jaya).

The shopping here is world class according to Linda. KL or is PJ boasts S E Asia's biggest shopping Mall. It is huge. I left Linda doing a bit of shopping while I went off the the movies for 3 hours to watch 2012. This is the latest Hollywood version of the end of the world etc. It never ceases to amaze how easy it is to wipe out 6 billion people and still leave a mild feel good factor at the end. Very strange really. It is interesting how certain iconic landmarks get the computer graphic doom treatment. St Peter's and the Sistine Chapel this time and a whole bunch of Cardinals in a 10 second clip. If you like this genre of movie it ranks as spectacular, if you like something a little more thought provoking then this is probably not the one for you.

Tonight we are at Trinity Baptist Church doing a weekend Conference with Ben and Becky Ho in JB - Johor Bahru, then after the weekend on Tuesday we head back south to Queensland and the little family there (C & J, N & L) Then after a few days it's home to NZ and a couple of days with S & S, LDK. Well TTFN (LOL) etc etc


  1. :-D

    ROFL ca

    (translation: roling over the floor laughing 'cause of the abreveations)

    Mis you guys, but keeping us updated this way makes me feel very close and helps me not seezing in prayer. Have a good and safe trip home.



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