Last year I had the privilege to meet Paul Young, the author of 'The Shack'.  I particularly enjoyed hearing how he came to write the book and to learn that other books were in the pipeline.  'Crossroads', which came out a while ago, was the first of these. The hint he gave me last year was that there were more planned too.  So it was with some degree of anticipation that I bought a copy of the new book and began reading it. I wondered if it would come up to the level that The Shack did.  Well, I've finished it now. I enjoyed it and should have remembered not to have read it on a plane because here and their it made my eyes leak a little.  Thankfully not as much as reading his first book. I think the flight crew thought I was having a complete emotional breakdown when I read The Shack on a flight from New Zealand.

This book was good in many ways.  In places it reached almost the same level of inspiration and dare I say revelation, as his first book, but those places were fewer and not so magnificent as in The Shack but very profound nonetheless.  There were some delightful moments, and some very funny ones too.  I loved the meeting with Jack.  So clever the clues to his identity.  I won't spoil it for you by saying anything more at this point.  It was in those sections that the book soared the most and made some stunning observations about the nature of things.  Other parts felt that it had drifted into the realm of science fantasy. There is nothing wrong with that but it left me feeling a bit bemused.  It was okay and in the end it drew me in, but it is hard to top a masterpiece. I could tell that Paul Young and Baxter Kruger have been hanging out too which was a joy.  If there are more books coming out of his pen and heart I'll look forward to them.

Paul gave me some real insights into writing that I have benefitted from as I have strayed into this area recently. He told me he wrote his book for his children to explain who their father had become and the man he now is. That spurred me on to write also. So my book is done and I have published it.  It's a strange experience putting it out there!  It's somewhat scary and the opposite of being voyeuristic on one level but I had a strong sense that I should write the book and see what happened.  For me it is really all about the amazing love of the Father who has held me and loved me through all the ups and downs of my life and brought me to this place where I am today.  I guess some will focus on the trauma and the treatment we have received at times but my heart's desire is for people to read it and come to meet the Father as I have done.  

So it's out there. You can buy it directly by going to the page above called 'Here's my book' or you can find it on Amazon.co.uk. Here is the link to the book. Also a friend is helping me do a Kindle version. This is all rather new uncharted waters.  I have discovered like Paul Young that there is more than one book in me and I'm really enjoying working on my next one, which will definitely not be science fantasy.