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I am writing this on New Year's eve from the base of Fatherheart Ministries at the Eden Centre in New Zealand.  It's not my usual blog style but it is something we recently sent out to our friends around the world. We have been home in NZ since early November.  This started with four weeks at the Inheriting the Nations School on Great Barrier Island.  It was excellent being there at the end of a full year.  I love doing the teaching there on Church History but also connecting with so many people that we  encounter during the course of our year.   The last year has been full and very satisfying.  It has been brilliant meeting many friends in their home locations and we are truly grateful for the hospitality extended to us that we have enjoyed.  Sadly, we still count different beds!!  It was 86 this year. Recently we were asked what was the best thing in 2013 for us.  Without hesitation it is the week when we had all three of our children and their families with