I am writing this on New Year's eve from the base of Fatherheart Ministries at the Eden Centre in New Zealand.  It's not my usual blog style but it is something we recently sent out to our friends around the world.

We have been home in NZ since early November.  This started with four weeks at the Inheriting the Nations School on Great Barrier Island.  It was excellent being there at the end of a full year.  I love doing the teaching there on Church History but also connecting with so many people that we  encounter during the course of our year.  

The last year has been full and very satisfying. 

It has been brilliant meeting many friends in their home locations and we are truly grateful for the hospitality extended to us that we have enjoyed.  Sadly, we still count different beds!!  It was 86 this year.

Recently we were asked what was the best thing in 2013 for us.  Without hesitation it is the week when we had all three of our children and their families with us here in New Zealand in January.  It was the first time we had all been together in 5 years.  We don't know when we will all be together like that again.  We feel very proud of them all and to see the grandchildren all growing up as lovely talented kids is wonderful. See the blog in January 2013.

We are very thankful for the support we have received from people this last year.  It has been a major source of encouragement to us. We have been able to go to places that would have been impossible without this, especially in Africa.  We were able to lead two week long schools in Uganda and Tanzania without being a burden on the local resources.    You know we receive donations for these missions situation at the Schools we teach and these have been the primary way that we are able to do these things in Africa. So thank you for your partnership with us.  

In the coming year we are going back to Africa to lead more schools and this time it will be a B School, which is the second teaching week that FHM runs.  This will be the first one where I am the main speaker so that will be a challenge.  These B Schools are entitled Growing in Sonship, which is the follow on from the A Schools, Encountering Father's love.  We are also conducting A Schools and conferences in East Europe this year which are also mission situations that we fund ourselves.  If you would like to donate towards these mission trips please see the page on the website.To donate visit here

The coming year is looking pretty hectic too!  Our  itinerary can be found on the Comings and Goings page.
If we are going to be in your part of the world let us know because we would love to see you.

We are currently working on some new resources.  Our existing ones can be found on our website.  As the year unfolds we hope to add some more titles to the CDs.  The book I wrote this last year has gone well.  We are in the final stages of getting this ready to be launched as an E-book.  Many of you who have read this will be relieved to know it has undergone a very thorough revision that has hopefully nailed all the typos. I does help if you send the right version to the printers in the first place!!!  

Anyway, we are hoping to launch another book in the early part of year.  I am in the final stages of this now with copy going to editors and designers. It is totally different from the first one and focuses on Jesus' revelation of his Father in the Gospels. It looks at this through the experiences  and memories of Jesus' family and friends who were eyewitnesses.  I've really enjoyed researching it and writing it.

We are often asked what are our needs are for 2014?  I guess they are:  safety and health in the travelling; financial resources to keep the show on the road; places to rest from time to time; fresh oil for the furnace of teaching, preaching and ministry; renewed youthfulness and energy; more joy, more fun, more faith, more hope and more love.  Not much really!   

We are so thankful to our Father who has so wonderfully provided through the last year, and for you our family and friends.   

We pray that this finds you well, and that your year ahead will be filled with joy, fun, faith, hope and love too.

Here are a few pictures of the last year.

Not in any order because I haven't figured out how to do that yet!
A Team at State College PA
Plymouth Mass. 
Bear in the Rockies
Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Cloistered in Vaalbeek, Belgium
Sunrise in Zanzibar
Catch of the Day, Great Barrier Island, NZ

Affogato and a huge cappucino, Germany 
Vermont in the Fall
Resting beside the river, VT

Brugge by night 
Under the palms, Zanzibar
Charleston S. Carolina.