I am delighted to announce that my latest book is now published and available.

It's been a while in production but is finally here.  It is also now available in a Kindle version.  I have been greatly helped in getting this book published by Tom Carroll at Fatherheart Ministries in New Zealand and Ellie Carmen in the UK.  Without these two people it would not be here. Thank you so much both of you.

I have wanted to write about the revelation of God as Father that Jesus taught for a long time.  I have always been fascinated by the people who encountered Jesus that we read about in the four gospels.

When I was a teenager I wrote a play about some of the characters who appear in the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospels. Surprisingly the Baptist Church where I grew up actually put the play on.  I  recently met a friend, who I had not seen for years, who was one of the cast!  We laughed about that memory when we met.

My fascination with the people who met Jesus and were part of his family was a part of the idea behind this book.  In the book I take a look at who they were as people based on what we read about them in the Gospels, then seek to make them more three dimensional by getting them to tell the reader their stories.  Rather like the play I wrote I use a bit of dramatic licence to help bring these people to life.

The main thrust of the book is to explore the nature of Jesus' revelation of God as his Father and the implications of this truth for each of us.  We tend to read the gospels as historical biography but in reality they were four different accounts of the same events recorded by the gospel writers. They collected their information from in some cases their own personal experience but also from conversations they had with Jesus' family and friends who were eye witnesses to the events described.  The eye witnesses individually would not have seen the big picture. It was the Holy Spirit who superintended the whole process as the gospel writers put all this together in their individual accounts.

What we have is the stunning truth of all truths that God has always been a Father to us.  He has loved us consistently and passionately for all time and his desire has always been to be in a loving relationship with us.  In order to bring us back home, he sent his eternal Son Jesus into our world to show us who the Father is.   Jesus then opens up the way back to his Father through his death on the cross.  When Jesus rose from the dead all the barriers were down and the way back with him to the Father becomes available to all who believe.

You can find out how to get a copy of the book by going to the page at the top of the website.


  1. Looking forward to read this!!!

  2. It's on Kindle now Florian and will be on Amazon in a day or so Florian.

  3. Waitangi day is a very colorful day with a lot of fun and entertaining events that no one would afford to miss if you are within the area. God bless Australia!


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