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Having just returned from Uganda I thought it would be a good idea to put some photos up and give a pictorial account of the two week trip.  As many will know the security situation at Mto Moyoni was serious following a spate of burglaries and the murder of the German next door neighbour by thieves who broke into his house.  This created a huge police presence in the immediate area and lots of anger among the local village community who were complaining about lack of police presence in the area generally.   We are pleased to say that on our arrival walking in the gates of Mto Moyoni was like walking into an oasis of calm and peace as always.  The staff where relaxed and trusting and very pleased to greet us.  We led a staff retreat one day and shared about the servant heart of sons. This was a wonderful time and we could see that the staff, made up of gardeners, kitchen staff, office staff and housekeepers totally identified with the vision of Mto Moyoni and were living in the