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The sun always shines behind the storm.

  Linda and I went for a walk along the beach at West Wittering recently. It was the last sunny day forecast before a period of very wet weather was due to come our way. It was a beautiful day. As we walked the beach a storm blew up through the English Channel across the Isle of Wight. We both managed to catch some photos and when I looked at them later the title of this post came to mind. I felt this w a s a metaphor for this season of life we are all in. Many are facing the full force of the Covid storm. None of us are untouched. Yet the sun behind the storm was a powerful and comforting reminder of the Father's constant presence.    We learning to live each day as it comes and enjoy each day's opportunities. We also look to the future when the storm clouds clear and a new day finally dawns. To that end we are not cancelling events scheduled for 2021.  If nearer the time they don't happen then so be it. We hold all these things lightly. Indeed, I was recently