The sun always shines behind the storm.


Linda and I went for a walk along the beach at West Wittering recently. It was the last sunny day forecast before a period of very wet weather was due to come our way. It was a beautiful day. As we walked the beach a storm blew up through the English Channel across the Isle of Wight. We both managed to catch some photos and when I looked at them later the title of this post came to mind.

I felt this was a metaphor for this season of life we are all in. Many are facing the full force of the Covid storm. None of us are untouched. Yet the sun behind the storm was a powerful and comforting reminder of the Father's constant presence.   

We learning to live each day as it comes and enjoy each day's opportunities. We also look to the future when the storm clouds clear and a new day finally dawns. To that end we are not cancelling events scheduled for 2021.  If nearer the time they don't happen then so be it. We hold all these things lightly. Indeed, I was recently able to travel to Denmark and speak at a conference. In many ways it felt very "normal". No one was sick during the week or afterwards and on my return I went into quarantine for two weeks. Then Denmark was taken off the UK's list of countries where the infection levels require travelers to go into quarantine. So I was able to be released early. 

In the coming months I will continue to make plans, holding them lightly and will be delighted if they transpire. I do not want to give in to a culture of fear but at the same time want to be responsible and wise. I want to continue to live in my relationship with God as my Father, trusting him on a daily basis. Doing the things I see him doing and saying the things he is saying. I have no sense that he is saying to us, stop or retire but rather to live each day, make the most of very day by enjoying the small things.  Somebody asked me recently in a very meaningful way, "What are you seeing in this season?" My answer was typically slightly facetious I relied, "The end of my garden." Well that is what I am seeing every day out of the kitchen window. It is a wonderful view. I've seen the birds come and go, plants sprout flourish and be harvested. Now the leaves are turning yellow and orange and pink and fall. It's a wonderful view that gives me joy each day. There is joy each day if we open our eyes to see it and close our ears to fear and despair that is the daily diet of much of the news media.  It's trusting Father whatever comes my way and knowing that even in the darkest storm he is there behind and will break through.